As I'm sure most of you know I had surgery last Wednesday! I had to have my thyroid removed due to several nodules on it that were causing my voice to be weak and were putting pressure on my esophagus. Anyhow... I'm feeling GREAT! went back to work yesterday and saw the surgeon today... All is well! My calcium which had dropped after surgery causing me to have to stay @ the hospital an additional 2 nights is now in the high normal range (which he is pleased about). He took off my bandage today, giving me my first view of my incision... it's not as bad as I expected it to be, but it's definitely not pretty! Take a look!


First Day of School!

Today was the kids first day of school. Taylor started 2nd grade and Trevin started Kindergarten. They were both very excited for school but I think Trevin began to get a little bit nervous once we were on our way. I thought I was going to do fine... my baby being in kindergarten and all...but the entire time I was saying goodbye I was choking back tears, as I walked home I let a few fall and all throughout the day I was constantly looking at the clock anxious for 3:00 to come so I could go pick them up. I was very excited to see 2 smiling faces walk out the school doors and run to me with excitement about their day. Taylor said her teacher didn't really teach them anything today all she did was tell them the rules and Trevin said that he learned about scissors and recess... =) Here are a few pictures of their first day and a few from "Meet the Teacher" last week.

Trevin @ his desk!

I can't believe how time flies!

"Off 2 School"

Taylor & Mrs. Burlaka

Trevin & Mrs. Hatfield... He got the same teacher Taylor had for Kindergarten.... We LOVE her!



Last weekend Shane, the kids and I went to Disneyland. Although we have taken them several times, I think this was probably their best trip. They are at the age and height that they can pretty much ride everything... and We DID! I can't even begin to count how many times I heard "That was AWESOME" throughout the day! =) We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back. The kids are having a hard time deciding which ride they liked the best... Trevin says he liked Space Mountain because as soon as it started it was so fast his cheeks were pulled back. They both liked star tours, the Darth Vader show, Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel and they loved the one where y
you are flying and you see all the different weathers ( Soaring over California ).=)