As I'm sure most of you know I had surgery last Wednesday! I had to have my thyroid removed due to several nodules on it that were causing my voice to be weak and were putting pressure on my esophagus. Anyhow... I'm feeling GREAT! went back to work yesterday and saw the surgeon today... All is well! My calcium which had dropped after surgery causing me to have to stay @ the hospital an additional 2 nights is now in the high normal range (which he is pleased about). He took off my bandage today, giving me my first view of my incision... it's not as bad as I expected it to be, but it's definitely not pretty! Take a look!


First Day of School!

Today was the kids first day of school. Taylor started 2nd grade and Trevin started Kindergarten. They were both very excited for school but I think Trevin began to get a little bit nervous once we were on our way. I thought I was going to do fine... my baby being in kindergarten and all...but the entire time I was saying goodbye I was choking back tears, as I walked home I let a few fall and all throughout the day I was constantly looking at the clock anxious for 3:00 to come so I could go pick them up. I was very excited to see 2 smiling faces walk out the school doors and run to me with excitement about their day. Taylor said her teacher didn't really teach them anything today all she did was tell them the rules and Trevin said that he learned about scissors and recess... =) Here are a few pictures of their first day and a few from "Meet the Teacher" last week.

Trevin @ his desk!

I can't believe how time flies!

"Off 2 School"

Taylor & Mrs. Burlaka

Trevin & Mrs. Hatfield... He got the same teacher Taylor had for Kindergarten.... We LOVE her!



Last weekend Shane, the kids and I went to Disneyland. Although we have taken them several times, I think this was probably their best trip. They are at the age and height that they can pretty much ride everything... and We DID! I can't even begin to count how many times I heard "That was AWESOME" throughout the day! =) We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back. The kids are having a hard time deciding which ride they liked the best... Trevin says he liked Space Mountain because as soon as it started it was so fast his cheeks were pulled back. They both liked star tours, the Darth Vader show, Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel and they loved the one where y
you are flying and you see all the different weathers ( Soaring over California ).=)


Trevin's Eye!

Thursday evening after work we left for California. We didn't get into Kerman until 4am Friday morning then the kids were wide awake @ 8am. By the time we finally went to bed Friday night at about 11:30 we were EXHAUSTED!!! Our sleep didn't last long... at 1am Trevin fell off the bed and hit his eye on Mom and Dad's night stand. Needless to say after seeking the Fire Departments opinion we made our way to Children's hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 2am got called back at 5am and didn't even see a Dr. until 8:30am... 4 stitches and 2 hrs. later (at 10:30) we FINALLY left the hospital. Needless to say after only getting 4 hrs sleep the night before and sitting in the ER for 9 hrs we were beyond exhausted... Trevin ended up having a rough weekend... on top of getting stitches on his eyelid he also ran a fever most of the weekend. Thankfully he is finally feeling better... now Shane is sick! =( Regardless of the craziness of the weekend and the sickness that seems to be lingering, we are glad we were able to spend some time with Mom and Dad and also that we got to visit a little with Poppy and Grandma Joyce. Hopefully our next venture out to CA will be uneventful and pleasant.=)


Taylor is "7"!

Sunday Taylor turned 7! We celebrated on Saturday at "Color Me Mine" where Taylor along with her brother, cousins, and friends painted pottery. I can't believe what a beautiful young girl Taylor is turning out to be... it seems like just yesterday I took her into my arms for the very first time after ALL those LONG HORRIBLE HOURS of torturous labor! =) But I must say... every second of that LONG labor was worth it... I would have done it again in a heartbeat if it meant the joy of taking our beautiful baby girl into my arms... Taylor has brought so much JOY, laughter, tears and DRAMA into our household, but we love EVERY minute of it and are so proud to be parents to the most beautiful girl in the ENTIRE world! Taylor Denae Eccles! We love you Sis!


Easter, Missing Teeth & misc. pics..

These are for Grandma and Papa... they have been anxiously awaiting these pictures...!!!


Taylor lost both of her front teeth! =)

Riding the ponies at a carnival we went to...

Missing 1 tooth!



Well, we have had a busy week... Last weekend PJ and Shawna were here, so we spent much or our free time hanging out with them... then they left wednesday night (early thursday morning) and Mom and Dad got here early Friday Morning. Unfortunately I was horrible and didn't take pictures, however we did have a lot of fun spending time with everybody and were sad (as usual) to see everybody go home. Anyways, today after school Trevin was not behaving and he ended up getting sent to his room for a while. After a little while I went in to check on him and this is how I found him...=)

He must have been exhuasted! Poor guy!=)


Anniversary, Vacation, Dedication and Shower

Last week Shane and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary. We usually take vacation time around our Anniversary and try to do something together as a family. This year we were not able to vacation to any hot spot or take a Caribbean cruise or anything like that but we were able to travel to California. We had a very busy, busy busy week. Tuesday was spent driving...Wednesday & Thursday were spent hanging out with friends and family... Friday was spent driving (some more) to Stockton to stay with my brother and attend Landmark as his church... Saturday was spent at a Baby Shower for my beautiful baby cousin Erica... and Sunday Erica was dedicated in Kingsburg then after having lunch with the family we loaded up for more driving... We spent the remainder of the day sadly driving home after our wonderful time with friends and family. Although I am always anxious to get home after being away it is always sad to say Goodbye. Mom and Dad Thanks so much for letting us invade your territory for the week we always enjoy our time with you guys. PJ and Shawna thanks for letting us invade your home Friday Night. Although it went by in a whirlwind because there was so much going on, we enjoyed getting to see your town and your house. And last but definitely NOT least thank you Shane... You are amazing... instead being upset that we were not going to spend our 8th anniversary on some exotic vacation, you spent your vacation hauling us around. It's amazing that it has already been 8 years, it has seriously flown by. I am so thankful that God gave me you! I love you so much! Thank you for all you do for us... I love you Baby!

Christmas & New Years

I know this has been long coming... So I will keep it short and sweet. Our Christmas and New Years were very busy and fun!!! We got to spend Christmas Day with Mom and Dad and then at New Years (as I posted previously) we had our annual Camp Arizona. However, as I also posted previously this year was special PJ, Shawna, Lex and Gentry surprised us and we ended up getting to spend a whole week with them. Enjoy the Pics.


In California...

Hello all my blogger friends. I know its been a while and I have not made good the promise I made to post pictures of our Christmas and new years holiday. Sorry... I have been extremely busy with finals, sickness and now we are in California and have been her since Tuesday evening. We are having lots of fun and are sad to see our visit coming to an end... We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon after Sunday morning service in Kingsburg. Erica is going to be dedicated there tomorrow and then shortly after service we will be loading up for the long trip home. I PROMISE I will post pictures later on this week or next weekend of our holiday season and also of all our fun here in CA this week. So check back soon!


A Special Day...

Today is a very special day... It's my Mom's birthday! I can honestly say that although many of you out there think you have the "best mom" I truly have been blessed with the "ULTIMATE BEST MOM". As a child it is sometimes easy to overlook the sacrifices and hard work a parent endures to ensure their child's each and every needs are met. Now as an adult I look back and realize that I am the person I am today because of the parent's God chose to bless me with.
I love you so much! I could never write enough words to express what an AWESOME Mom, Grandma and Mother-in-law you are. You are an inspiration to me... You have the most amazing heart, and you continually shower your family with unconditional love. When we're apart I miss you so much! Although I say its just the kids counting down days till they get to see you again... that's not true...I'm the same way too...to be honest so is Shane.=) Thank you so much for always being there for me when I need you... in fact although you were not feeling well yourself this week... you still found a way to comfort your sick child. As always when I'm sick I "need my mommy" so I called you at like 7:30 in the morning just needing to hear your voice. Just something about when mommy says its going to be ok... then it will... bottom line!
Thanks Mom for all you do and for being you... I have the best Mom in the world and there's only one other person who can say that and I will believe them...PJ =)
Love you Mom