Power Hour @ Christ Temple

In a previous Post, posted by Shane he mentioned The Children's Workshop we had at church this summer. It was a 8 week long program, especially for the kids, that took place outside every Wednesday evening under a huge tent. The whole time during the eight weeks as Shane mentioned Taylor totally looked forward to this service. We and other parents worried that maybe the kids were getting too hot, but they never complained. The program ended a few weeks ago right before school started, and this past Wednesday night the director (Bro. Mills) put together a special service to share the outcome of the workshop. During the 8 weeks our Sunday school buses made rounds and picked up kids from all over the Phoenix area. Not only did they transport them to and from church, but fed them a meal each night ( being the only meal some of those kids received that day.) Out in the workshop they had activities, singing, little sermons (lessons) and each evening they had a alter call. This program ended up being a huge success. Bro. Mills announced Wednesday that during the 8 weeks many kids were reached, many experiencing God for the first time, and 8 bus kids were baptized. He also said that In the past 4 weeks on average we have had anywhere from 20-40 visitors at Sunday school and most services over half of those have been children. Wow! amazing huh! Imagine all those lives touched. So although it was extremely HOT! out there He said it was definitely worth it.


To Recess or not to Recess, that is the question...

There is a buzz in town right now about the record the Phoenix area just broke. 29 days this summer at 110ยบ or higher. Their has been a Heat Advisory in place for the better part of the last three weeks.

This morning while taking Taylor to school I was listening to a talk show on KEZ 99.9 (very similar to 98.9 in Fresno) and mothers of students were calling in to convey their concern. One mother said that she thinks having recess at school was wrong and it should be banned. She went on to say that it was not healthy for the kids and if one of the kids died of heat exhaustion it would be the school districts’ fault.

The following mother that called argued the opposite. She insisted that recess be kept in place. She continued by saying that she has lived in this area all of her life and that they never had any heat related issues while playing at recess. She also said that naturally, kids know when to slow down and seek shade.

I have to say that I’m not sure which side I am on in this argument.

All summer long our church had a “Children’s Work Shop” every Wednesday night out side under a huge tent. Taylor loved it. On the way to every church service she always asked if it was Wednesday. At 7pm when it started it was on average about 105 - 110. I remember the same type of controversy arising Sunday nights after church at our hangout about the “Children’s Work Shop”.

The heat is something that people who live in this area have adapted to.

Until Taylor started school I did not know that it is recommended that all students carry a water bottle with them.

When I first started working at Staples the first thing I did was set up interviews to hire help. Every single person I interviewed brought a water bottle with them. I remember thinking how rude and improper it was and literally ripped up their applications after they walked out, even though they may have given a good interview. After about the 6th or 7th person that I denied a job because they brought a water bottle to the interview it dawned on me. I still feel like an idiot…

Anyways, what do you think? “Recess or no recess?” “Children’s Work Shop” or no “Children’s Work Shop?” “Hire or don’t Hire?”


A day at Rio Vista Park

Today was early dismissal at school, so the kids and I decided to take advantage of the afternoon and spend a couple of hours at Rio Vista Park. The kids had a blast! Since its 107 degrees today the typical swing, slide area was not appealing to us, so we spent our time hanging out at the water area where there is water shooting out of the ground and out of all kinds of other contraptions, and also at the pond feeding the ducks. Enjoy the pics!!!

Taylor & Brylee

Miss Taylor & Miss Brylee happily leaving school, sadly leaving each other. Today as we were leaving school we walked with Brylee and her mommy and brother towards where we parked, we reached Brylee's car first. So Taylor and Brylee said their goodbyes, then they gave each other a hug. AWWWW!!!! It was really cute. Thought you faithful readers would enjoy a pic of Tay and her friend!!!



Everybody has been hollering at me "Hurry up and update your blog we want to see more pics." Since we really haven't had anything real exciting (which could be a good thing) going on here, I decide I would just put some misc. pics and give an update on whats going on with the Eccles. First of all Taylor is doing awesome in school, she still loves it and has several friends but one in particular that she is always with, her name is Brylee. Brylee won't even go to the playground in the morning until Taylor is there, and from the way Taylor talks, (and apparently Brylee also to her mom) they are together all day- lunch, recess, PE, library, etc. Trevin is doing good, I think he's a little lonely during the day with Tay gone , but he has managed to find things to do to fill his time, aside from tormenting the dog by pulling her around the house on her leash, or trying to sneak his way into the kitchen for a snack every time I turn my head, his latest interest is his train set that he received for christmas a couple years ago. Until now it just sat in his room hardly touched, recently he started pulling it out into the hallway and building it up, tearing it down, and buliding it up again. He can spend quite a bit of time there. As for Shane, those of you who don't know he started school this week!! Way to go Shane!!!!! He is doing University of Phoenix online. So in about 3 yrs. he will have a bachelors in business management. =) And for me well I'm still working part time about 3 mornings a week, on the days when Shane closes so he can watch the kiddos. That's working out good I like what I'm doing and hey even though its not much, every little bit helps. Well hope this will satisfy for at least a couple days. I know, I know with kids as cute as ours you guys are all having withdrawls not seeing them , so I totally understand the need for a Taylor and Trevin fix. Enjoy!!!


Through the eyes of a child

You know- as adults sometimes I think we fail to realize how our little ones minds seem to comprehend things going on around them. We have taught our kids ( as I'm sure most do) the things Jesus likes, the things He doesn't like, things we can do to make Jesus happy etc. One of those many things that fell in these categories was the cutting of the hair. Why girls don't cut, and boys do. So since then Taylor and Trevin have always used this as a guide not only in our home, but also in every day life, as to decide who's a boy and who's a girl. If their hair is long , its a girl, if its short its a boy. And as we all know even though it should be this way, its NOT! So yesterday as Trevin and I were running errands we made a little trip to the bank. We had to wait a while so after a few minutes of sending his cars flying across the bank Trevin decided he was tired and wanted me to hold him. I already know that he is very open and says OUT LOUD exactly what he's thinking so as I was picking him up I was praying to myself ' God please don't let him say anything.' You see- we had a Male teller that was dressed in male attire (shirt and tie) but his hair was almost as long as mine and it was down. So I already knew he would notice. Sure enough as soon as he was sitting on my hip, he looks at me and says (loud enough for the teller to hear) "Mommy, that girl has a tie on" So in my own nonchalant way I try to say something like "Oh NO NO bubba don't touch the stuff on the counter that GUY will get mad" hoping he would get my drift . And being the smart boy he is, he did get it. But he didn't stop there, He continued to study this person who is supposedly a man then he says to me "Mommy, why does the guy have is hair down like that then" (down is long in Trevin lango). What could I say? not a thing. So I just kind of smiled at the guy and said "I don't know bubba, I guess he wants too." the guy just politely smiled. Yesterday I was quite embarrassed, but the more I thought about it I decided if anybody should be embarrassed that guy should, even a 3 year old boy realizes that long hair does not belong on a man.
-I just ADORE my kids!!!-


First Day of Kindergarten

On the way to school

Lining up to go to class
In Class- We love you Sis!!!

Today was Taylor's first day of Kindergarten. She has so anticipated this day that she woke up on her own today before 6 am, came in our room and woke her Daddy up and said "Daddy, I'm going to school today, I have to hurry up and get ready so I don't be late." All in All Taylor had a really good first day, before she even made it to the classroom she had already made 2 friends. Too bad this enthusiasm for school doesn't last all 13 years. =)


Meet the Teacher

-Mrs. Hatfield & Taylor-

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher Night" for Taylor's school. Starting Monday August 13th she will officially be a kindergartner at Coyote Hills Elementary. She is so excited. The school is really nice and her teacher, Mrs. Hatfield, is very sweet. Right now we are going to be driving about 3-4 mi. to school each day, but in September we are going to be moving into a house 1 block away from it so we will be able to walk her to and from. I can't believe it, our baby girl is going to kindergarten, I don't know, are these mixed emotions I'm having normal? One minute I'm totally fine, and the next minute I'm nervous, one second I'm excited and the next I'm dreading it. But this isn't the first and definitely won't be the last time we feel this way, I imagine throughout each milestone in our children's lives these same feelings will always remain.


Memories II

Our baby is no longer a baby. He is becoming such a big boy. Trevin will be turning 4 in November. I can't deny that God put in OVERTIME creating this little man. Trevin is all boy, it seems every other month we are in the emergency room for one thing or another, our most recent trip was about 2 weeks ago, to have cactus needles removed from his back. This little guy keeps us on our toes. Papa & Grandma often say that you can almost see him thinking "ok what can I do now" with that little smile of his. But all that said, he is about as sweet as they come. Within the past year Trevin has really opened up alot, he loves to say his memory verse at sunday school, has made so many new friends, and loves to be the one to pray over our food. Lord Thank you so much for blessing us with two wonderfully amazing kids!
-Our Little Prince being kissed by the Princess-



-Victoria, Leeann and Taylor dressing up-

Our little girl is growing up. In may Taylor turned 5. Wow I can't believe how time has flown, it seems like it was just yesterday we were handed a beautiful, screaming baby girl after 9 months of waiting, wondering who will she look like, what will her personality be like, and I can truly say that God put extra time and effort into creating her because she is absolutely one of a kind. Soon Taylor will be starting kindergarten, she is totally excited about meeting new friends and is eager to learn. But most importantly she is thrilled that when school starts she will no longer have to take naps, she has been looking forward to this for months.



Hi! glad you took the time to check out our blog. The purpose for our blog is to share special events and milestones that occur in our home. With our recent move to Arizona, our family and friends are not able to be with us for some of these special times, so we invite you to come back when you get a chance and see whats new and exciting with us. (and believe me life is never dull and boring in our home.)