Weekend in CA & Caden's Dedication

We left Friday afternoon and headed to Kerman for Caden's Dedication service. We arrived in Kerman Saturday morning at about 1am. Taylor and Trevin & Lex and Gentry were so excited to see each other, they didn't fall asleep until about 4 am ( thankfully they were sleeping in Papa and Grandma's room). Saturday we had lunch with Laura at our favorite ( Japanese Kitchen) and then spent the rest of the day hanging with all our family. Sunday morning was the dedication service in Kingburg performed by Uncle Bill. The service was beautiful, Bro. Teel ( Caden's grandpa Teel) spoke for a few minutes, Poppy ( Caden's Poppy Baglin) spoke for a few minutes and Uncle Bill talked for a while and then dedicated Caden. Rick spoke for a couple minutes at the end, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the building. What an amazing time we had! It was so neat to have almost all of our family in church together. Sunday night we went to church with Mom and Dad, PJ, Shawna, Lex, Gentry, Rick, Gina, Ashtyn, Caden and Kimberly @ Mom and Dad's church. Then we had a great time hanging out at Claim Jumper's after service. We took lots of pics. ENJOY!


We FINALLY met Baby Caden!

Sunday night Rick, Gina, Ashtyn and Caden got into AZ with the help of Jen and John. We are so excited that they are FINALLY here. Here a few misc. pics of the kids and Ashtyn and Caden. Enjoy!

Trip to the Zoo and Imax

Saturday we went to the zoo and afterwards went to the Imax. We had alot of FUN! The Phoenix zoo is huge and it was slightly warm so the kids were tired after about 2 hrs. We saw most of the zoo, and then left and went to the Phoenix science center and watched a 3D show on the Grand Canyon at the Imax. Enjoy the Pics