-Kindergarten Grad-

Last thursday (the 22nd) Taylor was promoted from Kindergarten. She is now moving on to be a BIG first grader. We are so proud of her, she has learned a lot, and grown a lot this year. I sat through the whole ceremony and cried! As the years march on I'm afraid the days of her freely and willingly providing hugs and kisses are numbered. =( I'm afraid that soon she will not want me to wait at the gate to make sure she makes it to class ok. =( Soon, I'm sure she won't be running to give me a hug at the end of the day. But one thing I am sure of is that she will always be MY BABY GIRL!!! Congratulations! Tay we are so proud of you!
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Well, Summer is almost here! Taylor will be having her kindergarten promotion on the 22nd. I can't believe it! she is growing up too... fast! Last friday they had mom's muffin day at her school. It was so cute! they sang a few songs and read the story I'll Love You Forever! I was literally in tears the whole time. It was VERY special! I was given a cute little hat Taylor made and a card all about me! I had a GREAT mother's day! I spent the weekend hanging out with my Mom ( the BEST in the
WORLD). I got a new camera from my honey! =) Finally! I have been in desperate need of one for a long time.
Shane and I are both college students now! I recently began attending Universtiy of Phoenix. Shane just began his 2nd academic year, and I am getting ready to began my 4th week. I don't know how Shane does it, He is doing AWESOME! He works like 60 hr weeks, is a AWESOME hubby and Daddy and is a full time student. I'm having hard time balancing my time to fit in schooling, and I'm home most of the day. About a year and half from now I'll have a AS in Medical Records, and in about 9 months Shane will have his AA and be starting to work towards his BA.
Trevin, is full of mischief and energy. He is going to be going to preschool this next school year. So over the next few months please keep his teachers in your prayers. =) j/k Well anyways not much else new in our lives! I posted some random pictures and I will post more next week when my Kindergartner becomes a First grader!


Taylor is 6!!!

Today Taylor turned 6. She had 5 friends from school, 2 from church, Trevin and Michael over to play on a water slide we borrowed form Uncle PJ, Aunt Shawna, Lex and Gentry, the slide was a huge hit the kids absolutely loved it. On Friday I took cupcakes and we celebrated with Taylor's class. As we were about to leave and Taylor asked Mrs. Hatfield (her teacher) if she could come to her party=) I told her she was more than welcome to come, but I felt awkward because I know she has 25 students and didn't want her to feel obligated. Well, I gave her our address in case she decided to come, but honestly didn't expect her too. Well, she did show up, and brought her son who TA's in Tay's class, and brought her a Fox in Socks book by Dr. Seuss with a stuffed Dr. Seuss Fox. She is such a sweet teacher!!! I really appreciate her taking the time out of her weekend to make one of her students feel special on her birthday.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Taylor's day special. We all had a great time! Thanks Papa and Grandma for driving all the way out here and bringing the water slide and all you did to help. Thanks PJ, Shawna, Lex and Gentry for letting us borrow the water slide. And most importantly Thank you Taylor for being such a special girl!! We love you so much! You are our precious little princess, and we are so thankful Jesus gave you to us! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!