"The Life of our Home"The most beautiful part of our home, are these little lives that abide there.
We love you Tay & Trev!

Finally the promised pics of the house!


Well, as Shane previously posted Mom & Dad were down last weekend! We had a really good time, but as always our visit wasn't long enough=( It's always SO SAD to have to say goodbye=(. Thanks so much Mom & Dad for all your help around the house, we really appreciate it! Poor Mom & Dad... Dad just got done with his "season" and came here to visit and relax a little and we had him working HARD! putting up fixtures, awnings, repairing misc. things, working on vehicles phew! no rest for the weary huh? he was probably wishing he was back at Morning Star. Even Mom was out there trimming trees and doing the lawn. Thanks Guys you are the Best! The house looks great!

Can't wait 'till Thanksgiving!

Love ya Guys!


Save your money, send your child to a PUBLIC school in Peoria, AZ

We had our first parent/teacher conference today with Tay’s teacher, Mrs. Hatfield. I was totally impressed with Mrs. Hatfield and Coyote Hills Elementary. I have to admit I was not completely sold on sending her to a public school, I know first hand how terrible they are - just look at the way I turned out!

I now fear not; I was amazed at the amount of things they are teaching the kids at such an early level. By the end of kindergarten she will have learned to write short sentences, by the end of first grade Taylor will be writing two paragraphs with related content. By the end of second grade she will be proficient in writing in cursive. What really blew me away is at 3rd grade every student has their own laptop at their desk for use in the class! I did not touch a computer in school until I was in 6th grade. I am completely impressed with the school so far. I’m also happy to be saving $400 per month.

I’m sure Deanna will post more of the less dreary info from the meeting…

The majority has NOT spoken...

The last poll I put up was about your average time spent on the net, I had 10 voters. This time I put up a poll about your level of excitement while spending time with your in-laws. So far the majority has decided to take the fifth and not vote; in essence your silence is your vote.

Call me weird but my in-laws have been gone for 37 hours and I miss them; I can not wait for them to return next month!


Paul And Becky - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

For the last few days I have been very excited about a visit I was going to receive by two of my favorite people in the world.

It started last Sunday night after church. Our “gang” gathered at our normal eating establishment and I announced that my in-laws were going to be visiting for a few days. Every one stopped peeling off their monopoly game pieces, and almost instantaneously I heard, “Uhh-Ohh!…” another said, “I’m sorry…” and yet another said, “Ohh Noo!” and one other said, “Well you can stay at my place if you like…”

It continued at work, I proudly announced that my in-laws were coming to town and I LITERALLY got the exact same comments.

What is it with these people? Do they really not like their in-laws? I am not trying to score any points here, I did all the brown-nosing before I was married, I really did look forward to seeing Paul and Becky! I feel sorry for those of you who dread spending time with your in-laws.

They arrived at my house last night while I was at work. They were gone by the time I got home and then I had to go to work very early this morning. So I didn’t get to see them until lunch time today. I was bummed that I had to wait so long. I had planed to give each of them a great big bear hug when I seen them. After further consideration I decided to wait and see if they were equally excited to see me before administering a back popping hug. They were not as excited so I didn’t do the bear hug thing.

I really do appreciate the time I spend with Paul and Becky and I’m happy they are here. I’m going to hate to see them leave in a few days…