It's Our 7th!

On this day 7 years ago. A vow was made to honor and cherish. And I can truly say that the past 7 years have been amazing. I have been given the best Husband anyone could ask for. Thank you so much BABE for all you do! I LOVE YOU! I am looking foward to MANY more wonderful years.


Prince Charming

Trevin has turned into quite the "Little Prince" . Sunday night after church as we were sitting around the kitchen table, Taylor proceeds to tell us that she wants me and Shane to both go to work tomorrow so that Amber "their watcher" can come watch them because she "likes Amber". Well Trevin who up until this point had been pretty quiet, says "I liked her dress tonight!"

I said "Whoo-Hoo Bub! you did? what was she wearing?"

Trevin " I think she was wearing Red"

Shane asked me "Was she?"

I said "Yes"

Shane " Is she your girlfriend bub?"

Trevin "Yes"

So of course we laughed and teased him and told him we were going to tell Amber, and we went on about our business.

Well Monday rolled around and Amber did come over and watch them. As we went to get in the car to take her home that evening -Trevin opened and held her door for her, shut it for her when she was in and then as he was climbing into his seat he says " I can do whatever I want for her cuz she's my girlfriend." and later that night had to tell his daddy all about how he liked her green shirt that day. =)

Crazy kid! such a romantic! I'm just trying to figure out where he picked up all the gentlemanly mannerisms. Definitely not from Daddy. lol just kidding Babe!


Happy Birthday Mom!

On this day just a few years ago was born a very special person! My mom. The BEST mom, mother -in- law and the BEST grandma in the whole world!!! I know that is probably a very abused and used phrase but in this instance it's not just words it is TRUE!! WE love you very much MOM! Since we are not able to be there with you today, I need you to do something for me. Hold your arms out in front of you, now touch your left shoulder with your right hand, touch your right shoulder with your left hand and SQUEEZE!!! Happy Birthday Hugs from all of us. WE LOVE YOU! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.
Shane, Nan, Taylor and Trevin


Ice Skating field trip!

Yesterday I went on an Ice Skating field trip with Taylor. I was a little nervous because its been about 10 years since I've been ice skating, and Taylor had never been. But all went well, I stayed on my feet, Taylor fell a few times but for being her first time she did VERY GOOD!

-Taylor's Class-
-Taylor, Seth and Ryan on the bus ride back-


Already on her own- after only about 2 min. on the ice =) she's a pro.
A girl that works there helping her

The most beautiful skater!



The Love's of my life =)

Taylor is Totally Terrific!

This week is Taylor's Totally Terrific week at school. The whole week is "all about Taylor". We took in a poster board of pictures of her. She took in a favorite book, and Mrs. Hatfield read it to the class. On Tuesday I went in and she presented her poster board, and she did an interview. The point of Totally Terrific is for the class to get to know her a little better. She did AWESOME. I think I am a total nut case, I found myself several times during her presentation wiping tears from my eyes. I just can't believe it, my baby girl is so smart, talented, beautiful and hilarious.
One of her pictures was of her and Ginger and when she was telling about that one she said "This is me and my sister" Mrs. Hatfield just kind of looked at me like, 'I didn't know she had a sister?' So I had to tell Taylor to explain that it was her dog. It was pretty CUTE!
Here are some of the Taylor's answers to her interview questions:
They asked her birthday, favorite color, food, book, movie, game, animal; her favorite animal was - a baby giraffe
Her favorite thing to do with her family is- have a tea party with her real glass tea party set.
When she grows up she would like to- stay up as late as I want , eat cookies, drink hot tea and watch a movie. lol
She has always wished that- a bird would land on her finger like Snow White. =)
At the end of her presentation and interview the kids had to each draw a picture and write a sentence about her and they were later all bound and put together as a book for Taylor to keep.

Then it was snack time, it was kind of like a celebrate Taylor Day! We took Cookies, Mandarin oranges and juices for the kids. (all things she loves). It was a really special time for Taylor and she really enjoyed sharing her family, friends and things she loves with her friends.

Christmas AGAIN... and New Years!

Hope had a Happy New Years!!! We had a BLAST! Mom and Dad came on December 27th and stayed until January 6th. We had sooo.... much FUN with them while they were here. This was the first time they have stayed at our house, and though I'm

sure they didn't get much rest due to our lack of a decent bed for them, we are hoping they continue from now on to stay here. We had Christmas with Mom and Dad on Saturday, and throughout the week spent time with the family at Greg and Ruth's House.

On Tuesday evening, we decided we wanted to go bowling, No one else was interested so Mom, Dad, Shane, Me and the kids had a blast. Taylor and Trevin did good and ended
-precious kiddos bowling-
up having scores only slightly lower than us adults,Dad was a party pooper and didn't bowl, Mom was nervous so she sat out the first game. We got her to join the second round, and she wished she had played the whole time. She LOVED IT!! and was pretty good at it too! Here are some pics from our New Years!

-dad enjoying his favorite pastime-