Prince Charming

Trevin has turned into quite the "Little Prince" . Sunday night after church as we were sitting around the kitchen table, Taylor proceeds to tell us that she wants me and Shane to both go to work tomorrow so that Amber "their watcher" can come watch them because she "likes Amber". Well Trevin who up until this point had been pretty quiet, says "I liked her dress tonight!"

I said "Whoo-Hoo Bub! you did? what was she wearing?"

Trevin " I think she was wearing Red"

Shane asked me "Was she?"

I said "Yes"

Shane " Is she your girlfriend bub?"

Trevin "Yes"

So of course we laughed and teased him and told him we were going to tell Amber, and we went on about our business.

Well Monday rolled around and Amber did come over and watch them. As we went to get in the car to take her home that evening -Trevin opened and held her door for her, shut it for her when she was in and then as he was climbing into his seat he says " I can do whatever I want for her cuz she's my girlfriend." and later that night had to tell his daddy all about how he liked her green shirt that day. =)

Crazy kid! such a romantic! I'm just trying to figure out where he picked up all the gentlemanly mannerisms. Definitely not from Daddy. lol just kidding Babe!

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Shane Eccles said...

it last for only a short time. I remember when you used to bring me lunch to work everyday. That only lasted a couple of months after we were married. You used to take care of yourself by getting all dressed up whenever you heard I was coming around, now you only take showers once per month... yeah things change after awhile...