Last night at bed time Trevin was not feeling good! He was very restless and was crying and complaining of a headache. Tay just recently got over a virus that caused her to have a headache so I figured he must have caught it. Well after about30 minutes of him obviously not feeling well, I finally told him to come lay on the couch. He didn't make it, he had to make a run for the bathroom and began vomiting. =( Poor Baby! Then he returned to bed and slept soundly the rest of the night.
This morning I had to leave for work before he was up, so as soon as I got home from work I was anxious to see how he was feeling. As soon as I walked in the door the first thing I asked him was... "how are you feeling bub?"
His reply was... "I feel gooder on this beautiful morning!!"
-He cracks me up-

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Anonymous said...

That is too cute. I believe I just used that word "gooder" today. Sometimes it just works out beautifully!