Expecting Our First Visit from the Tooth Fairy...

Last night after church Taylor lost her very first tooth. I know, some of you are probably thinking how silly to put this on our blog, but if you only knew how huge of thing this has been for us you would understand. All last year in Kindergarten Taylor was in turmoil because all of her friends were losing teeth and she didn't even have one single LOOSE tooth. Well, finally in first grade she got her first loose tooth and had to let everyone know about it. Then as it began to get really loose she was a nervous wreck worrying about it falling out. Finally, last night it was pretty loose and her and Daddy worked together wiggling that stubborn little tooth free. Silly tooth fairy had no cash on her and was not prepared to make her visit last night, so we had to tell Taylor that the tooth fairy was off on weekends and was tired from church so she would have to wait to put her tooth under her pillow on monday night. =) She looks adorable Here are a few pictures!!! Enjoy!

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Grandma Becky said...

Hope the tooth fairy was good to you. Too bad she was off for the weekend. You look really cute without your tooth. My babies are all growing up.
Love Grandma Becky