A Special Day...

Today is a very special day... It's my Mom's birthday! I can honestly say that although many of you out there think you have the "best mom" I truly have been blessed with the "ULTIMATE BEST MOM". As a child it is sometimes easy to overlook the sacrifices and hard work a parent endures to ensure their child's each and every needs are met. Now as an adult I look back and realize that I am the person I am today because of the parent's God chose to bless me with.
I love you so much! I could never write enough words to express what an AWESOME Mom, Grandma and Mother-in-law you are. You are an inspiration to me... You have the most amazing heart, and you continually shower your family with unconditional love. When we're apart I miss you so much! Although I say its just the kids counting down days till they get to see you again... that's not true...I'm the same way too...to be honest so is Shane.=) Thank you so much for always being there for me when I need you... in fact although you were not feeling well yourself this week... you still found a way to comfort your sick child. As always when I'm sick I "need my mommy" so I called you at like 7:30 in the morning just needing to hear your voice. Just something about when mommy says its going to be ok... then it will... bottom line!
Thanks Mom for all you do and for being you... I have the best Mom in the world and there's only one other person who can say that and I will believe them...PJ =)
Love you Mom


Anonymous said...


I do agree that you have an awesome mom. She also is the best sister, and I wish her the best Birthday. One more year and it is the big one!!!!

Becky, Thanks for being so special to all of us. You truly are SPECIAL. We love you.


Mom said...

Aww that is so sweet. I can truly say that being Mom to you and PJ was for the most part really easy. You both are the best Kids. I know what you mean about "needing you mommy" There are still times that I "Need my Mom" and she has been gone for 12 years. I told Dad just this weekend how much I miss ALL my "babies" big and little. I hope you are feeling better. I hate it when my kids are sick and I can't do anything. I still pray every day for my "Babies". The big ones and the little ones. Gotta go and get a box of kleenex.
Love Mom
PS Give the kids a kiss and hug for me.