Anniversary, Vacation, Dedication and Shower

Last week Shane and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary. We usually take vacation time around our Anniversary and try to do something together as a family. This year we were not able to vacation to any hot spot or take a Caribbean cruise or anything like that but we were able to travel to California. We had a very busy, busy busy week. Tuesday was spent driving...Wednesday & Thursday were spent hanging out with friends and family... Friday was spent driving (some more) to Stockton to stay with my brother and attend Landmark as his church... Saturday was spent at a Baby Shower for my beautiful baby cousin Erica... and Sunday Erica was dedicated in Kingsburg then after having lunch with the family we loaded up for more driving... We spent the remainder of the day sadly driving home after our wonderful time with friends and family. Although I am always anxious to get home after being away it is always sad to say Goodbye. Mom and Dad Thanks so much for letting us invade your territory for the week we always enjoy our time with you guys. PJ and Shawna thanks for letting us invade your home Friday Night. Although it went by in a whirlwind because there was so much going on, we enjoyed getting to see your town and your house. And last but definitely NOT least thank you Shane... You are amazing... instead being upset that we were not going to spend our 8th anniversary on some exotic vacation, you spent your vacation hauling us around. It's amazing that it has already been 8 years, it has seriously flown by. I am so thankful that God gave me you! I love you so much! Thank you for all you do for us... I love you Baby!

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