Paul And Becky - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

For the last few days I have been very excited about a visit I was going to receive by two of my favorite people in the world.

It started last Sunday night after church. Our “gang” gathered at our normal eating establishment and I announced that my in-laws were going to be visiting for a few days. Every one stopped peeling off their monopoly game pieces, and almost instantaneously I heard, “Uhh-Ohh!…” another said, “I’m sorry…” and yet another said, “Ohh Noo!” and one other said, “Well you can stay at my place if you like…”

It continued at work, I proudly announced that my in-laws were coming to town and I LITERALLY got the exact same comments.

What is it with these people? Do they really not like their in-laws? I am not trying to score any points here, I did all the brown-nosing before I was married, I really did look forward to seeing Paul and Becky! I feel sorry for those of you who dread spending time with your in-laws.

They arrived at my house last night while I was at work. They were gone by the time I got home and then I had to go to work very early this morning. So I didn’t get to see them until lunch time today. I was bummed that I had to wait so long. I had planed to give each of them a great big bear hug when I seen them. After further consideration I decided to wait and see if they were equally excited to see me before administering a back popping hug. They were not as excited so I didn’t do the bear hug thing.

I really do appreciate the time I spend with Paul and Becky and I’m happy they are here. I’m going to hate to see them leave in a few days…


Deanna said...

Me too!!! Can't they just stay? =(
We love you Mom & Dad!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey I'm not sure how to do this but if you get this message me at supergirl_misty@yahoo.com or find me on myspace... Misty Moya
Remember me????

Mom said...

Shane I didn't think you would want a hug. But I will make up for the lack of hugs when we come to see you @ Thanksgiving. We miss you guys also and are always glad to come visit. Looking forward to next time.