Stupid Liberal!!!

The employer introduced himself to his new gardener.
“I am a professor of logic,” the employer said.
“Oh. What’s that?” the gardener asked.
“I shall give you a demonstration,” announced the professor.
“Do you own a wheelbarrow?”
“Yes,” replied the gardener.
“Then I infer you are a hard worker,” the professor continued.
“And from that fact I infer you have a family. And from that I infer you are conscientious and responsible.
And from that I infer you are a conservative. Am I right?”
“Wow!” exclaimed the gardener. “That’s right! So that’s logic?”
“That’s logic,” preened the professor.
Later the gardener met up with one of his buddies and told him he had a job with a professor of logic.
“Logic?” his friend asked, “What’s that?”
“I’ll show you,” the gardener said. “Do you own a wheelbarrow?”
“Stupid liberal.”

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