Hope everyone had a great christmas. Ours was very Nice! We couldn't be in Kerman with our family this year so we had our own christmas at home this year. We opened gifts in the morning, fixed a small Christmas dinner in the afternoon and in the evening had our friends Grace and Juan and their daughters Victoria and Hannah over for dessert and to play games. It was a very nice and relaxing day. I spent most of the day in front of my laptop watching, listening and visiting with family in Kerman CA. and Macon GA via the webcam. =) It was so neat to be able to see everybody, and that they were able to see Taylor and Trevin. Hope everyone had a good christmas, Miss you ALL! Can't wait 'till this weekend, we will be spending a whole week with the majority of our family, It will be a blast! Those of you who won't be attending camp AZ this year- =( WE WILL MISS YOU!

-3 Princess's and a Prince-


Mom said...

What a beautiful and handsome group of kids. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Can't wait until thursday. Give them my love.
Love Mom

PJ said...

Awww...we'll miss you guys too!

At any rate, we did enjoy spending Christmas with you over the Web! It was pretty cool (I didn't know you could do that); although, at times, it seemed like it was more work that it was worth keeping the link up!

The kids look great! They're gonna LOVE what we got them...(hey Shawna: what'd we get Tay and Trev?...OH! Yeah! They're gonna love it!).

We'll miss you...wish we could be at Camp Arizona, but we WILL come out soon-I promise...within the next 24 months...guaranteed!

Love you guys!

CoderOne said...

Thought I'd mozy on over to the blog and see what's new...

Looks good. Lot of great pics! Glad you guys had a good time.

The old man.