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Alot has been going on here. Taylor is doing EXCELLENT is school. She is still loving it, and she is picking up on the phonogram sounds, she is able to read short words such as I, We, Can, Dog, Run etc. and she can spell (sounding out) several words. The picture is of a little game her and Shane played he told her the word and she sounded it out. On a few of them she got confused with the K and C or O and A, But that's because in phonics these letters sounds are very similar and sometimes exactly the same. So Mrs. Hatfield is not concerned that the words are spelled correct but that they are hearing the correct sound and are able to identify it. We are so Proud of her! She is doing AWESOME!!! When she goes back to school from christmas break it will be her "totally terriffic" week. We have to make a poster board with pictures of her with family, friends, siblings from birth till now. It will be on display, and the whole week they be recognizing Taylor. That will be cool! I will be going to the school that week to take snacks and for a presentation of Taylor so I will take pics. Check back Later!
-The left side is what Taylor wrote and the right side is where Shane wrote them when she was done. #9 is supposed to be stop. -

Shane- will be completing class #3 and #4 in about a week and a half. By Dec. 22nd he will have earned 12 credits. Only about 108 remaining. =) Way to go Baby! He aced his first 2 classes and so far is doing just as well in these 2. Work for him is going good, they've been extremely busy lately getting ready for a walk through with the President of the company. So that ought to be exciting.

Trevin, He's as Cute and as ever! I think he's kind of bored with Tay being gone during the day. He is usually following me around talking my ear off, or in the kitchen using a stool to reach the cabinet where the snacks are and helping himself. Not to worry though, Even though he probably opens quite a few snacks before I realize what he's up to, I think he rarely consumes them himself. If you have seen my dog lately you would understand what I mean. After the first of the year I am contemplating putting him in preschool. Although he says he wants to wait until next time (next year) I think once he got there he would really enjoy it and it would be good for him.

Me, Well I have recently taken on another store, so I now do the books for two stores. I am kind of in a trial period with it right now seeing how it is going to work out. I know We'll enjoy the extra money, but I think its going to be kind of tough working 2 stores around Shanes work schedule. But we will see. Tuesday the 18th our Choir, Chorale and drama team will be singing and performing at a boys facility. So that should be pretty cool! But I can't take pictures. Sorry! We are not allowed to take anything in with us except for our ID.

Well, hope everyone is having a good holiday season!



Hey babe, thanks for saving our blog, I do not think my last few posts went over to well... I think I'll leave the blogging to you!

Love ya!


Shaneeewayneee said...

#4 was dad... not dog like I wrote.

CoderOne said...

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Ppaa Dviad

Mom said...

Taylor keep up the good work. Papa and Grandma are really proud of you. Same goes for you Shane Keep getting those good grades. I think it might be good for Ginger if Trevin goes to pre-school. She would probley loose a few pounds.

Ppaa Dviad, I enjoyed your comment very much. But one question are the 55 out of 100 people that can read your really bad spelling the smart ones or the dumb ones. I hope..the smart ones.


Mom said...


Where are the pictures of your house all dolled up for the holidays?

Love Mom

CoderOne said...

I dnnuo

I uesd to tinhk I was srmat but I fgirued out NOT.