We spent the 26th of Jan thru the 30th in Kerman with family and friends. We had a really good time with everyone. It seems it has been a while since we have actually all been together, and even though due to weather conditions we couldn't do what we originally planned, we had a GREAT TIME! On Monday Mom, Dad, us, Pj, Shawna, Lex and Gentry all went Bowling and Ice Skating. Well, we all bowled except for Dad (party pooper) and everybody except for Mom and Dad started out skating... Trevin hadn't even got on the ice and already wanted his skates off, Gentry and Shane I think went around once, PJ stayed out for a while longer then the other guys. But I must say the women of the family showed up our men out on the ice rink. --I guess you could say one of the women showed up everyone else at the bowling alley too. Wasn't me... the kiddos did better than me. Go on over to Myndfood to see Shawna's record breaking score... =) After all the fun we met Poppy and Grandma Joyce at Tahoe Joe's and had a AWESOME!! dinner with everyone. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our vacation and time in Kerman special. We had such a GOOD!!! time with everyone and were sad to go. But we are hoping we can have everyone here next time. (hint,hint)
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Mom said...

We enjoyed having you all here and haveing time together as a family. Bowling, skating, eating, eating and eating was all fun and enjoyable. Shane did a awesome job with the BBQ. Dad & I LOVED having ALL our Kids together. Hope to do it again soon.
Love Mom