Well, I was over at Myndfood the other day and was prompted to share a story from this past Sunday Night at church. It was Shane's weekend to work, so after coming down from the platform, I collected the kids from their various spots in the church (when Shane's working they sit by themselves, one in the very front one in the back). Anyways, we found our seats, and hadn't been seated long when the kids began to have one of their feuds, I began to get nervous, things were getting heated and I could not manage to get them cooled down. So there they were in the middle of church: hitting, swinging, pushing, making faces, turning red in face, crying, pinching etc. Needless to say it ended up being one of those services... No sooner did I get back from one humiliating retreat through those double doors, and I found myself getting right back up and going right back out, each time with a unhappy child. Needles to say, by the time I got home I was frazzled, frustrated, disappointed, and wondering what I was doing wrong. Once home, I quickly fed everyone, and it was off to BED! As I was tucking Taylor in, and got down to pray with her she asked me:



she said " How old do you have to be to get baptized?"

my breath caught in my throat, I wasn't really expecting this right now, but I laid down next to her and we had a heart felt conversation. Well, needless to say at the end of our conversation she told me, she was going to pray, I said OK go ahead!

She said...
"Jesus, take care of my family, Amen!"

(sigh)...(tear)... I became all choked up and teary eyed, and immediately the frazzledness (if that's a word), frustration, and disappointment vanished.


Mom said...

I read this at work and I also got teary eyed. Times like this let you know that you are doing something right. Remember this the next time you find a hidden stash of snacks in Trevins bedroom closet.
Love Mom

steph=) said...

I just read this and it just drew TEARS to my eyes!! =,( how CUTE to be so little and say such an adorable preyer like that!! well she dose have two WONDERFUL parents that she looks up to!! =)