With Full Hearts!

The conclusion of a long, stressful day, yet here we are with FULL Hearts!
Tonight as we were putting the kids to bed, I went in to pray with Taylor, as I finished my bedtime prayer, Taylor asked me...

"Mom, how old were you when you got baptized?"

"Um, 9 why?"

"Cuz I'm scared"

"Why, Baby what are you scared of?"

"I wanna hurry and get baptized?"
At this point she was fully crying and I also have begun to cry.

I proceeded to ask her why she felt like she needed to hurry and get baptized and she said...

"I'm scared Jesus is going to come and I won't be baptized yet" !!!

I wasn't sure what to say... I called Shane in... and he too became choked up with emotion.

How do you know if its the right time or not? I'm sure some would say to have them baptized as soon as they say they are ready. However, I think it's extremely important for her to understand the significance of baptism. Anyways, we explained to her that Jesus sees her heart and is very happy with her because He knows how important He is to her. And we are going to be praying for this desire to blossom and for God to help her have a clear understanding.

What an amazing feeling. I can not even begin to express the overwhelming sense of pride and gratefulness that began to flow through me. God has truly blessed us with 2 amazing kids! How fortunate we are, that our daughter at the young age of 6 has already developed a desire to live for God.
All I can say is "God thank you so much for trusting us with such special gifts! And help us as parents to always put You first and be Godly examples.

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Anonymous said...

Truly touching! I love it. Ruthie