Taylor is "7"!

Sunday Taylor turned 7! We celebrated on Saturday at "Color Me Mine" where Taylor along with her brother, cousins, and friends painted pottery. I can't believe what a beautiful young girl Taylor is turning out to be... it seems like just yesterday I took her into my arms for the very first time after ALL those LONG HORRIBLE HOURS of torturous labor! =) But I must say... every second of that LONG labor was worth it... I would have done it again in a heartbeat if it meant the joy of taking our beautiful baby girl into my arms... Taylor has brought so much JOY, laughter, tears and DRAMA into our household, but we love EVERY minute of it and are so proud to be parents to the most beautiful girl in the ENTIRE world! Taylor Denae Eccles! We love you Sis!

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Grandma Becky said...

Happy Birthday Taylor Papa and I enjoyed being at your party. I hope my shoe turned out cute. I can't wait to see all of my "kids" paint jobs. How is your singing coming along? I want to hear you sing when we come back.

Love Papa and Grandma