Trevin's Eye!

Thursday evening after work we left for California. We didn't get into Kerman until 4am Friday morning then the kids were wide awake @ 8am. By the time we finally went to bed Friday night at about 11:30 we were EXHAUSTED!!! Our sleep didn't last long... at 1am Trevin fell off the bed and hit his eye on Mom and Dad's night stand. Needless to say after seeking the Fire Departments opinion we made our way to Children's hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 2am got called back at 5am and didn't even see a Dr. until 8:30am... 4 stitches and 2 hrs. later (at 10:30) we FINALLY left the hospital. Needless to say after only getting 4 hrs sleep the night before and sitting in the ER for 9 hrs we were beyond exhausted... Trevin ended up having a rough weekend... on top of getting stitches on his eyelid he also ran a fever most of the weekend. Thankfully he is finally feeling better... now Shane is sick! =( Regardless of the craziness of the weekend and the sickness that seems to be lingering, we are glad we were able to spend some time with Mom and Dad and also that we got to visit a little with Poppy and Grandma Joyce. Hopefully our next venture out to CA will be uneventful and pleasant.=)

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CoderOne said...

Wow.. that's a beauty. Looks like one of those "I'd rather fight then switch" excuses if I ever saw one.