As of Late...

It's been a while and I keep hearing "when are you going to post something?" so this is for all you Eccles lovers out there...
We are all doing really good, I'll update on me & Shane first and quickly, cause I know who you all are really interested in. Shane just completed his 5th week of school, and in 4 weeks he will be completed with the first 2 classes and will already have earned his first 6 credits. =)

Not much new going on with me, We will be moving in our new place this week so we are all pretty excited about that. (when I get it all done I'll post some pics). Also this week I will be attending Taylor's first field trip with her. All of kindergarten will be going to Cabela's (which is a sporting goods store) I know your probably thinking "why there" well we have been there and it a VERY cool store the kids will have a good time! (I'll take lots of pics). Also I am going to be helping make applesauce in Taylor's class this week, so that will be fun =). I guess I was wrong to start off this paragraph as if nothing was exciting in my life. My week is packed full of excitement!!!

Taylor is doing really good in school. She still loves it!! She says her favorite things are "Center time" and Mr. Mitchell's class which is PE. Center time is usually at the end of the day, they are allowed to play in the little centers that are set up in each classroom. Taylor usually always picks "housekeeping" (the little kitchen area). Each station, even though they are playing, they are learning some type of skill whether it be coordination, developmental, counting, matching, grouping.

About a week ago Mrs. Hatfield sent home a sheet of practice paper that she wanted the kids to practice writing their names on it each night and then send it back when it was full. So every night we would sit down, and Taylor would write her name. She did fairly well writing it before school started, but I am VERY PROUD to say that she has learned to write her name the Proper way. I posted a picture from the first couple weeks of school and also the practice sheet. She is doing very good!
She has begun to bring home these little pamphlet books, that say things like
- I can run, I can jump, see the dog run- simple words like that and they use pictures to help them read and she can already read those little phrases.

We are so proud of you TAY keep up the good work!!!

Trevin has become a romantic. He has recently decided that he wants to get married. The other morning, he comes to me carrying this little contraption that he has created and he says "look mom, know what it is?" and I said "No, what is it?" Well lo and behold its a flower and he decided its to be used when he gets married. Yep, he said he's going to get married when he gets big like Papa, and guess who he's going to marry... GRANDMA!! So grandma hope you like the flower Trevin created for you.


Mom said...

Tell Shane to keep up the good work with his school. Dad and I are proud of him. Have fun on the field trip with Taylor's class and making applesauce. And don't get to stressed about moving, it will all work out. I like Taylor would like "Center time" it sounds like alot of fun. But I have to say that I HATED PE. I can really see an improvement in her writing. Tell TAY to keep up the good work at School. Tell Trevin that I love the flower and that I would love to "Marry" him but I am just a little too OLD for him.
Love you guys

Anonymous said...

That flower is too cute....and what an adorable thing to marry grandma! Aren't children precious? Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

it's going to be a big wedding haha