How Much Is It Worth, Really?

I was trying to think of ways to lighten our monthly expenses and I surprised myself in the things that I thought of and didn’t WANT to think of.

I thought about discontinuing my subscription to mlb.com, and did. No more baseball games live over the internet. Oh well.

I thought about discontinuing our water delivery service and didn’t. I’ll continue to pay $25 per month to avoid drinking the city’s stinky water.

I thought of canceling our house phones and just upgrading our cell phone plans, we use our cell phones most of the time anyways.

I thought of a few other things that I did or didn’t cancel, some being REAL necessities.

One thing that NEVER crossed my mind was canceling our internet service. What makes the internet worth paying almost $50 per month? It would be impossible for me to really cancel the internet because I’m working on getting my degree at the University of Phoenix. Plus, Deanna uses it for banking and blogging and whatever else. So, I thought it would be fun to mention it to Deanna to see her reaction. She did not even hesitate to shout “NO YOU ARE NOT!”

Let’s say I was attending a campus instead of distance learning… Would we REALLY need the internet? Banking, communication, checking the weather or football scores and highlights and reading the latest news was going on long before the internet.

This dramatic NEED of the internet isn’t new by any means but is it really a NEED?
Could you survive without the internet? How much time do you spend on the internet? Is the internet worth it? What say you?


Deanna said...

NO!!! I could not survive without the internet!!! The thing I would miss the most Blogging. I think I have become an addict.=) I am so thankful I was born in this era and not way back when...

PJ said...

The internet-like all other technology-is NOT a need. Rather it MEETS a need.

The internet is a media, used for transmitting information. It's, admittedly, uniquely effective at it, and thus, easy to get attached to, but the NEED is for the information, not for the mode of transfer of information.

That said, I would be SEVERELY handicapped were I forced to exist without the internet. I use it-not excessively, but routinely.

Shane said...

PJ, Good point. Please do not tell me you voted 1-2 hours per day. The only reason why I made 5+ as one of the options is so you could participate! LOL

How would the rest of you be without the internet?

SheGazelle said...

WELL put, pj.