Just Another Update

Hey everybody I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd give you little update on whats new with us. Taylor and Trevin are both doing Great! They are rambunctious as ever, so as Papa says "At least we know their healthy". By the way Papa & Grandma we miss you guys alot!!! HURRY UP AND COME SEE US!!! That was a message passed on from Tay & Trev. You know I think Trevin has found someone in Grandma who when no one else will give him what he wants he knows she will. The other day we were having breakfast and the kids were arguing over who was going to sit next to mommy. So finally to put a stop to it I had to say "Trevin it's Taylor's turn" being that he had sat next to me at dinner the night before. Well he was NOT

happy about that so he looked at his sister with that little pout of his and said "I wish Grandma could come here, she would sit next to me". Man, did that ever make me feel bad. So I re-arranged everybody's plates and situated it so I could sit in the middle.

Taylor is still LOVING school, infact she was really upset that she had a extra day off this weekend she told me "Mommy, I don't like having 3 days with no school. I love school". Tomorrow they are starting Sharing days. Every tuesday Taylor has to bring something small enough to fit in her backpack for sharing and each week it goes with a letter. Tomorrow is "A". She wanted to take Ariel but we couldn't find all her clothes ( I didn't think Mrs. Hatfield would appreciate a half dressed mermaid). So we found a Alligator. She has to have 3, 3-5 word sentences to describe her item to the class and they have to figure out what it is. So we played pretend school and I (Mrs. Hatfield) asked my student; "So Taylor what did you bring for sharing today?" her reply was "It's green, it has four legs, it has a tail, a big "A" mouth, it lives in the water and it ate Captain Hook". =)

Shane's job is going good, it is finally slowing down a little bit so we have more of a normal schedule now. He's 3 weeks into school, and although I'm sure he's not enjoying it near as much as Taylor, I think he kind of enjoys it, and he's doing good. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BABE!

As for me. I've just been cleaning out, trying to get ready for our move in just 3 weeks!=) This friday night I will be going with quite a few of our church ladies to a Chonda Pierce concert. I am REALLY excited about that. I've never seen her, but I heard that she is hilarious. What I'm most excited about though is just getting to know the church ladies a little more. =) So it should be fun, I'll post later and let you know.


Shane said...

Geezzz... My kids are so cute... Deanna, next time these kids want something in the store you better give it to them...

Anonymous said...

Your chilren are so sweet! I love to play with the pictures of them...hope you don't mind that. As for the Chonda concert, I envy you...have fun for me, I'd love to go. Laugh a lot and I'm sure she'll have you crying too before he's finished. Have a great day!

Deanna said...

Steffanie Russ-
Yes they really are sweet kids. Have fun with the pics, I don't mind at all! I love to see what you've done.=) Gina usually emails them to me. I think we'll have a good time with Chonda. I'm really excited!

Mom said...


Tell Taylor & Trevin that as soon as the season is over we will be out there to see you guys. And yes I will sit next to Trevin any time he wants. Do you thing that Taylor will still no want 3 days off from school when she is 15? How did she do with her sharing?

Glad to hear that Shane is getting to slow down @ work. Tell him we are proud of him.

Good luck with the packing for the move. How many boxes has Trevin unpacked? Have a really great time at the chonda Pierce concert. I wish I was there, she is really a neat lady.

Love Mom