Asynchronous Communication

I am new to the forum world and I really enjoy it! I was first encouraged by my wife to read PJ’s Blog a few weeks ago and I’m glad I did. It is amazing how fast a network of regular contacts can grow. Sometimes ones you would least expect. I think I have communicated more with my brother in-law (even with 7-10 word posts) in the past month then I have in the previous 7 years. Also, sometimes with people you have never spoken to before in your life. Who is Katie Booker? And she is probably saying “Who is Shane? And why is he posting comments on my blog about my fish?”

To: Shegazelle, I do not know you either but thanks for your Blogging efforts, my wife is motivated so much about Dave’s program that I got my weekly allowance revoked indefinitely. :)

I think threaded discussions are great because of the conveniences. People can communicate with each other with completely different schedules. I’ve seen some of the Myndfood posts with a 1 or 2am time. I like a lot of PJ’s topics but I have yet to read one that I would like to discuss over the phone at 2am!

So everyone keep it up! Its fun, its healthy, its refreshing… its asynchronous communication.

Oh, one more thing, Emoticons come in handy when posting in forums as used above as body language such as a smile cannot be detected otherwise…

What do you think?


PJ said...

Great topic-and I have to say that I think I agree with you-across the board (that may, in fact, be the first time that's ever happened!).

Two points of difference: first, why wouldn't you wish to discuss these ideas over the phone at 2 am? Are you saying that I'm posting about fun, but inconsequential concepts, that don't really mean all that much to me? I think I'm hurt.

Second, I think emoticons detract from the literary quality of real written media; I understand your point, but think about this: how does a novelist get across the feeling/emotion of a particular scene? Have you ever seen emoticons used in a novel? Likely not-yet they usually still get their point across effectively. Given that, then, why do we get lazy when "asynchronously communicating"?

Shane said...

PJ, I think your right, for the most part, but I do think that asynchronous communication is nothing like writing a novel. I think that the use of emoticons has a place in forums... See I could be unsure if your feelings were hurt as stated in your second paragraph, but if you ended the paragraph with a smile face I would know for sure you were joking.

I do enjoy your Blog and find it very interesting, I was only trying to make a point about the conveniences of a threaded discussion or asynchronous communication versus synchronous or live communication like talking on the phone or using IM... =)

Shane said...

Also, if i did talk to you at 2am about the sign having sharp edges or about the pros and cons of bottled water my wife would probably wonder about my sanity.

Katie Booker said...

Im glad you stop by my blog. I have met you before but I see I did not make an impression on u haha jk!
Keep stopping by!!

SheGazelle said...