Hey everybody!! I haven't logged on to our blog in a few days, today as I logged on I did what I most always do first, check out all our friends blogs for new posts. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to check out "Bits and Pieces" there is a awesome move of God going on in Macon Georgia (very touching). Speaking of awesome moves of God, we had a totally awesome move in our service last night. We had Bro. Wolfram (I think that's how its spelled) he is a former missionary to the Philippines and he talked about "spiritual greed". We had a healing service. Many people testified of the healing they received immediately (migraines, pains etc.) one guy has diabetes and he said he felt strength come over his body, one lady who wants a baby and hasn't been able to conceive was seeking a miracle, so we are believing for many more testimonies to come.

As for us we are all doing good! Taylor did good on her little presentation last week about the letter "A". She told me she left out the part about captain hook though. I guess the kids didn't guess Alligator either, she said they guessed "frog". Last Thursday we had a parent information night at the school. I was very impressed by the things they are teaching the kids and the way it is being taught. I was a little upset when we first found out Taylor wasn't going to get into private school, but I feel much better now, this school has very structured classes and they teach phonics (which to me is a BIG plus).

I had a really good time on Friday night at the Chonda Pierce concert. As predicted she had us laughing and then almost crying. Just this past year she had another bout of depression and I think it has really deepened her desire to share her testimony. From what I hear she did something at this concert out of the ordinary, after sharing her testimony she had a altar call. You know, she may not be Pentecostal, she may not have all the same beliefs we have , but she said some things that even touched my heart, and I even had goosebumps. I encourage you, if you have the opportunity to see her in concert, go , you will enjoy it!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advertisement!

Great to hear what God did for you guys this weekend. Bro. Wolfram is awesome; we love to have him here in Macon. Have a wonderful week and we'll keep in touch. Glad you had a good time at the concert. Take care! And God bless you and your family.

SheGazelle said...

We had extraordinarily good church on Sunday, and yours is the 2nd such account I've heard from others who had amazing church on Sunday.
All I can think is, what is man that He is even mindful of us??
But I'm sure glad He is!

Katie Booker said...

Wow. This is unbelievable! Our service on Sunday night was out of this world as well. Bro Booker was out of town so Adam Pierce preached. He spoke on "I Must Watch". He was talking to everyone about being on guard and watching for the theif in the night because you never know when he is going to visit your home or life. At the end he really started talking to us parents. It was unbelievable! At the end when alter call came he asked all the parents to bring up their children and pray over them. We took Logan and Trystan to the front and fell over them weeping and asking God to keep them and protect them.
God is so merciful!!!

Mom said...

It is good to hear that your church had a good service, we also had a very good service that same nite. God is so good. I am glad that Taylor is doing so well in school and that she likes it so much. Also very glad to hear that the class is so structured and that they teach phonics.

I thought of you on Friday night and hoped that you were having a good time. Glad to hear that you have fun and enjoyed yourself. Maybe next time I can go with all of you. I am sure that the fellowship was good with all your church freinds.
Keep blogging
Love Mom