Power Hour @ Christ Temple

In a previous Post, posted by Shane he mentioned The Children's Workshop we had at church this summer. It was a 8 week long program, especially for the kids, that took place outside every Wednesday evening under a huge tent. The whole time during the eight weeks as Shane mentioned Taylor totally looked forward to this service. We and other parents worried that maybe the kids were getting too hot, but they never complained. The program ended a few weeks ago right before school started, and this past Wednesday night the director (Bro. Mills) put together a special service to share the outcome of the workshop. During the 8 weeks our Sunday school buses made rounds and picked up kids from all over the Phoenix area. Not only did they transport them to and from church, but fed them a meal each night ( being the only meal some of those kids received that day.) Out in the workshop they had activities, singing, little sermons (lessons) and each evening they had a alter call. This program ended up being a huge success. Bro. Mills announced Wednesday that during the 8 weeks many kids were reached, many experiencing God for the first time, and 8 bus kids were baptized. He also said that In the past 4 weeks on average we have had anywhere from 20-40 visitors at Sunday school and most services over half of those have been children. Wow! amazing huh! Imagine all those lives touched. So although it was extremely HOT! out there He said it was definitely worth it.


Shane said...

Wow, those numbers are great. I think it was a huge success and expect it next summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I started a blog of my own after reading yours. It is indeed a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed reading this one...if you check my blog out, you'll see why. So, I just wanted to say, yes, this technology is great for keeping people connected and it's amazing the people that you come in contact with along the way. Keep up, we're checking in with you regularly...add our blog to the blogs you like if you wish. Bless you!

The Eccles said...

Steffanie Russ-
Thanks for stopping by. We added your blog to our "blogs we like" list and we will be stopping by frequently to see whats going on way over in Georgia.=)