Hi! glad you took the time to check out our blog. The purpose for our blog is to share special events and milestones that occur in our home. With our recent move to Arizona, our family and friends are not able to be with us for some of these special times, so we invite you to come back when you get a chance and see whats new and exciting with us. (and believe me life is never dull and boring in our home.)


Anonymous said...

dear nan, cute pic's. i love the one of your little prince being kissed by the princess. and i love the one of all of you i thank it is the best. what is taylor doing? is she holding up fore fingers? dont you have a bird becouse you said that you had 5 in the famly dont you mean 6. well love ya lots love,ashtyn

Deanna said...

Thanks ash- I'm having fun putting this blog together. Yes your right we do have a bird. I guess I forgot about poor little Ariel. I guess I'll have to put a pic of her on. Love ya lots