To Recess or not to Recess, that is the question...

There is a buzz in town right now about the record the Phoenix area just broke. 29 days this summer at 110º or higher. Their has been a Heat Advisory in place for the better part of the last three weeks.

This morning while taking Taylor to school I was listening to a talk show on KEZ 99.9 (very similar to 98.9 in Fresno) and mothers of students were calling in to convey their concern. One mother said that she thinks having recess at school was wrong and it should be banned. She went on to say that it was not healthy for the kids and if one of the kids died of heat exhaustion it would be the school districts’ fault.

The following mother that called argued the opposite. She insisted that recess be kept in place. She continued by saying that she has lived in this area all of her life and that they never had any heat related issues while playing at recess. She also said that naturally, kids know when to slow down and seek shade.

I have to say that I’m not sure which side I am on in this argument.

All summer long our church had a “Children’s Work Shop” every Wednesday night out side under a huge tent. Taylor loved it. On the way to every church service she always asked if it was Wednesday. At 7pm when it started it was on average about 105 - 110. I remember the same type of controversy arising Sunday nights after church at our hangout about the “Children’s Work Shop”.

The heat is something that people who live in this area have adapted to.

Until Taylor started school I did not know that it is recommended that all students carry a water bottle with them.

When I first started working at Staples the first thing I did was set up interviews to hire help. Every single person I interviewed brought a water bottle with them. I remember thinking how rude and improper it was and literally ripped up their applications after they walked out, even though they may have given a good interview. After about the 6th or 7th person that I denied a job because they brought a water bottle to the interview it dawned on me. I still feel like an idiot…

Anyways, what do you think? “Recess or no recess?” “Children’s Work Shop” or no “Children’s Work Shop?” “Hire or don’t Hire?”


Deanna said...

Hey Babe! Well I think banning recess would be devastating to these kids. The second mom had it right. I think God put it in each one of us (even kids) to know when to slow down, rest and hydrate ourselves.
As for the tore up apps. Too bad you can't go back and redo huh? proably could use those people.
I intend to do a post on the outcome from this. But in my opinion it was great ALL the kids loved it!

PJ said...

Hmmm...Great post; thought provoking, to say the least!

I've got to say though that I think that it's possible to have the best of both worlds in regards to the recess issue. God has built various mechanisms into us, as human beings, to physically tell us when we're overdoing it-but that doesn't mean we're always wise enough to listen to it.

For example: our bodies tell us when it's time to rest-that they need rehabilitation, right? Yet, Lex and Gentry, not recognizing the downside, OFTEN choose to ignore their bodies, and push themselves past the point of exhaustion. Part of growing up is learning to listen to your body-and I can't say for sure that our kids are quite there yet.

That said, I'm not advocating taking away recess. I think in extreme climates-like yours-it might be appropriate for them to construct an oversized gymnasium or something, and have active recess, but in an indoor environment, for that EXTREME part of the year. They can get a little creative, still provide a venue for the kids to release the energy and get exercise, yet feel comfortable knowing the kids aren't going to drop from heat exhaustion.

Now-with respect to you tearing up those applications: you're not gonna get an argument from me (considering it's wasteful to drink bottled water! It costs $8.25/gallon, for goodness sake!).

If you don't believe me, check out my post on myndfood.com (shameless plug...sorry!).

Love the blog guys! Keep it up!

Katie Booker said...

I have to agree with PJ (WRITE IT DOWN...it may be the first and last time lol).
The school needs to provide the activity for the kids but maybe in a better environment! Just think if it was you or I out there running around in 112 weather. I don't think I'd like it.

Afa the bottled water...I think its actually pretty funny. Those poor people probably couldn't figure out why you WEREN'T sitting there with water.

Shane said...

PJ, I remember reading your post, But I think your numbers are off. It is closer to $10 per gallon.