Meet the Teacher

-Mrs. Hatfield & Taylor-

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher Night" for Taylor's school. Starting Monday August 13th she will officially be a kindergartner at Coyote Hills Elementary. She is so excited. The school is really nice and her teacher, Mrs. Hatfield, is very sweet. Right now we are going to be driving about 3-4 mi. to school each day, but in September we are going to be moving into a house 1 block away from it so we will be able to walk her to and from. I can't believe it, our baby girl is going to kindergarten, I don't know, are these mixed emotions I'm having normal? One minute I'm totally fine, and the next minute I'm nervous, one second I'm excited and the next I'm dreading it. But this isn't the first and definitely won't be the last time we feel this way, I imagine throughout each milestone in our children's lives these same feelings will always remain.


PJ said...

Yep. I imagine that feeling pops up quite often through their formative years.

By the way: congratulations on the blog! We already enjoy it!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Taylor's teacher looks very sweet and I can only imagine how excited she is.


Anonymous said...

cool blog. i love all of the pic's. talors techer does look very nice and sweet love and miss you all. tell the family i said hi.

Daddy said...

Nice blog! SO THIS is what you've been doing on the net. And I was worried you were surfing that idiotic site myspace. I should have know I had a Real wife with CLASS! Seriously babe, I love it and you are doing a great job. I like it because I can log on at anytime and see the latest news and happenings in my family since I normally leave before you guys wake up and arive when you are asleep. BTW how was your day today? Were the kids good? Well maybe I'll call you around lunch time tomorrow. Love you guys! Give Trevin and Taylor a hug and kiss and show them that picture of me again so they don't forget! Our back to school season ends in a few weeks so maybe I'll see you then. Well I look forward to your reply...Bye... - Nice talking to you... Love you... Call me some time this week... Bye... Good night!... Did I say I love you? Yeah I did... -Love you Bye...

Deann said...

Thanks babe! I'm enjoying creating this blog very much, but why wouldn't I, I'm writing about the people I love the most. We can't wait 'till back to school is over so we can have our somewhat normal life back. Yep! Staples has definately been keeping our daddy away too much. Thanks for all you do for us baby! We Love You!!
You are the BEST!

Katie Booker said...

Hey Deanna!!!
Your kids are ABSOLUTELY adorable!
I'm so glad to see you have a blog now too....
Its fun!
Keep up the good work...and come stop by my blogging world soon!


deanna said...

Hey Katie!
Thanks! yeah it really is alot of fun blogging. glad you stopped by, I have and will continue to stop by and visit "life at the booker household" great blog by the way.