Through the eyes of a child

You know- as adults sometimes I think we fail to realize how our little ones minds seem to comprehend things going on around them. We have taught our kids ( as I'm sure most do) the things Jesus likes, the things He doesn't like, things we can do to make Jesus happy etc. One of those many things that fell in these categories was the cutting of the hair. Why girls don't cut, and boys do. So since then Taylor and Trevin have always used this as a guide not only in our home, but also in every day life, as to decide who's a boy and who's a girl. If their hair is long , its a girl, if its short its a boy. And as we all know even though it should be this way, its NOT! So yesterday as Trevin and I were running errands we made a little trip to the bank. We had to wait a while so after a few minutes of sending his cars flying across the bank Trevin decided he was tired and wanted me to hold him. I already know that he is very open and says OUT LOUD exactly what he's thinking so as I was picking him up I was praying to myself ' God please don't let him say anything.' You see- we had a Male teller that was dressed in male attire (shirt and tie) but his hair was almost as long as mine and it was down. So I already knew he would notice. Sure enough as soon as he was sitting on my hip, he looks at me and says (loud enough for the teller to hear) "Mommy, that girl has a tie on" So in my own nonchalant way I try to say something like "Oh NO NO bubba don't touch the stuff on the counter that GUY will get mad" hoping he would get my drift . And being the smart boy he is, he did get it. But he didn't stop there, He continued to study this person who is supposedly a man then he says to me "Mommy, why does the guy have is hair down like that then" (down is long in Trevin lango). What could I say? not a thing. So I just kind of smiled at the guy and said "I don't know bubba, I guess he wants too." the guy just politely smiled. Yesterday I was quite embarrassed, but the more I thought about it I decided if anybody should be embarrassed that guy should, even a 3 year old boy realizes that long hair does not belong on a man.
-I just ADORE my kids!!!-

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