Memories II

Our baby is no longer a baby. He is becoming such a big boy. Trevin will be turning 4 in November. I can't deny that God put in OVERTIME creating this little man. Trevin is all boy, it seems every other month we are in the emergency room for one thing or another, our most recent trip was about 2 weeks ago, to have cactus needles removed from his back. This little guy keeps us on our toes. Papa & Grandma often say that you can almost see him thinking "ok what can I do now" with that little smile of his. But all that said, he is about as sweet as they come. Within the past year Trevin has really opened up alot, he loves to say his memory verse at sunday school, has made so many new friends, and loves to be the one to pray over our food. Lord Thank you so much for blessing us with two wonderfully amazing kids!
-Our Little Prince being kissed by the Princess-

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